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What to See In Takeo

On your trip to the small low-land province in Cambodia, you will find a number of things to do in Takeo. It is famous for its scenic beauty and hillside scenery, picturesque landscape and also known as a treasure trove for the archeologists. While on a tour to Cambodia, you can also explore the province in Takeo and see the attraction that the place has to offer. It is a fine spot for a one day trip and while on a one day tour, you can indulge in a few activities. There is a comprehensive guide which tells you about the things to do in Takeo. 

Nestled between Kandal, Kompong Spue and Kampot provinces and Vietnam, Takeo is a small lowland province with various historical sites and is a fine base for archeological excavations. Takeo province is home to a selection of minor attractions and historical sites. You can go for sightseeing in Takeo and learn about the heritage and the Khmer civilization. 

Do visit the temple of Phnom Da, which is one of the oldest historical sites in Cambodia. Ba Yang Mountain is also beautiful and there are other such sightseeing attractions such as the Neang Khmao temple, Chiso Moutain, Tonle Bati temple, Phnom Ta Mao Zoo which will keep you busy throughout your trip in Takeo. There are a few archeological sites, which are of great interest to the archeologists and historians as well as the tourists. 

Besides sightseeing, you can also have a pleasurable dining experience in the Stung Takeo Restaurant, which is one of the fine restaurants and bars in Takeo. Savor the traditional Khmer offerings and local dishes. You can also capture the fabulous views of the hillside scenery and the picturesque landscape. Before you undertake Takeo tours make all the arrangements to ensure a nice trip around the province and learn more about the various things to do in Takeo.

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