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Apsara Theatre Show

Overview of Apsara Theatre Show, Siem Reap

Step back in time at the only air conditioned theatre in town. Dancers, singers and musicians will bring ancient Khmer culture to life in spectacular surroundings while you enjoy the very best in Cambodian cuisine. Our souvenir booklet will help guide you through every delicate hand gesture and the story behind each dance.

Performed Dances
In the 9th century the God Indra descended upon Earth and presented Jayavarman II with the Kingdom of Cambodia, the attributes of kingship and the mythical Apsaras,who revealed the secret of dance to Khmer people.

Apsara Gestures
Years of practice and daily exercise to stretch and flex the body are needed to learn the complicated repertoire of movements and gestures that make Apsara dance a language all of its own.

Khmer Orchestra
Today traditional Khmer music still plays an important part at ceremonies and celebrations both in the countryside and the cities. A traditional orchestra called a ‘Pinpeat’ can number as many as twenty musicians, with strong emphasis placed on percussion instruments.

Khmer Ramayana
The Reamker is the Khmer version of the Ramayana, the story of an exiled King, the capture of his wife by the demon Reap and his fight to save her and regain his throne. This Sanskrit epic from ancient India can be seen depicted on Angkor Wat bas-reliefs.

Costing Ticket to Apsara  Theatre Show

  • Apsara Theatre Show Price: $35 and includes 2 ways transfers from hotel to theatre.
  • Show from April to September : Show on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

>> Price Includes:

- Free Vehicle with A/C or Tuk Tuk for 2 way transfers from your hotel to the theater & return
- Ticket for Apsara Theatre Show
- Set Dinner
- All government taxes

>> Notes:

- Pick up time: 7:20PM
- Dinner Time start from: 7:30PM
- Show Start time: 8:30PM - 9:30PM

Apsara Theatre Show, Siem Reap
Apsara Theatre Show - Ramajana
Apsara Theatre Show - Khmer Traditional Dancing Show
Apsara Theatre Show - Dinner Set