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Kulen Mountain Waterfall

Overview of Phnom Kulen Waterfall

The Phnom Kulen mountain range is located 30 km northwards from Angkor Wat. Its name means "mountain of the Lychee” . There is a sacred hilltop site on top of the range. Phnom Kulen is considered a holy mountain in Cambodia, of special religious significance to Hindus and Buddhists who come to the mountain in pilgrimage.

Phnom Kulen has a symbolic importance and it is venerated by Cambodians as it is the site where the Khmer empire originated. There is a sacred hilltop site on top of the range (also known as Phnom Kulen) and studies undertaken last century identified over 30 different temple ruins. However, the area has not been de-mined and it is not recommended to visit them without an expert guide.

Nothing can be more refreshing than the Phnom Kulen waterfalls to cool off after a long hot day exploring the wonders of Phnom Kulen. Located farther downstream the first waterfall is 4-6 meters tall and 15-15 meters wide (depending on the season) and the second waterfall, hidden in a beautiful jungle scenery is 15-20 meters long and 8-10 meters wide (depending on the season). It is possible to swim in either waterfall and it is a popular spot amongst locals for weekend trips. Across the footbridge over the river there is a small sandstone shrine. Combined with the other attractions of Phnom Phnom Kulen and other Siem Reap temples further afield, such as Banteay Srei, this is a wonderful day out.

Phnom Kulen history summary

Phnom Kulen is the birthplace of the Angkor era as it was here that Jayavarman II united the different states in the region and proclaimed independence from Java in 802AD. In a ceremony celebrated in the same year in the Phnom Kulen he proclaimed himself king and he built a temple called Rong Chen that would that would be where his royal linga was kept. The temple had a pyramidal shape resembling the Mount Meru.

Phnom Kulen Tour Notes

Phnom Kulen can only be reached by car and travelling from Siem Reap requires about an hour and a half. Take Sivatha road from the town center and turn right when you arrive to the Angkor Wat moat. Follow the paved road to Banteay Kdei and on the round about before Banteay Kdei turn right to a dirt road and follow the dirt road for 25 kilometers. Allow yourself at least half day for the visit if combined with other Siem Reap temples, further afield. Within the site you can also visit the Phnom Kulen reclining Buddha or the Phnom Kulen waterfalls.

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Kulen Mountain Waterfall
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Kulen Mountain Waterfall
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Kulen Mountain Waterfall
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115 USD with Car 4 Seats

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