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Guest Name: Mr. Sath Chap
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Travel Date: 03/08/21
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Where to Stay In Takeo

There are some reasonable options to get your head on a bed in Takeo, although the proximity of Phnom Penh means that few travellers actually spend a night here. Backpacker options could also be found at the empty Phsar Nat (also overlooking). 

Mittapheap Hotel: 

This hotel might be an option for those who have a particular attraction to Cambodian Independence Monuments, as this one overlooks Takeo's. There is good cheap food nearby, a fortune. Don?t be put of by the old house at the front, s the owners have added a new wing in a leafy green garden at the back, with the smartest air-con rooms in town. Prices range from $5-10. 

Angkor Borei Guesthouse:

That's a friendly family-run place, which has a bewildering array of rooms available and all at the same price. Some of them are bigger, some are smaller, some have TV and air-con, some don't, but in the interest of equality everyone pays the same. Have a look before, than choose.

Boeung Takeo Guesthouse:

This is likely the best place in town, overlooking the lake. All rooms are essentially the same (bath, fan, TV), but for $10 you can get an air-con breeze. Ask for a room with a view, as it won?t be more expensive. Prices from $5-10. 

Phnom Sonlong Guesthouse: 

This guesthouse is right next door to the Angkor Borei and offers more or less the same array and equipment as the Ankor Borei, but is a little less in the price. Some rooms have only one bed, check it out before. Some of the staffs speak good English.

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