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Travel Date: 14/10/20
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How to Get To Banteay Meanchey

The town of Sisophan i s a bout 359 k m f r o m Phnom Penh via national road number 5. You may also reach the Province from Bangkok via Poipet border.There is not alot of choices to get into that province. You either have you rown motorcycle or you are taking a shared taxi. But wait; let's not forget the train. Or maybe we should, because it's very slow - the railroad doesn't even want to quote you an correct arrival time, because it?s never going to be the same.

The train from Battambang arrives in Sisophan sometimes between 10:00 - 11:00 am (usually). The trip takes around 31/2 hours, which is about double the time that the shared taxies need for, but unlike most things in life, it?s free ! This won't last for long as the poor Khmer people are paying, while weare not. The government just hasn't organized thet rain service for tourist syet.Shared Taxies, per seatin side, approx. rates: 

- Sisophon to Siem Reap 120 baht, US$4 
- Sisophon to Battambong 50 baht, US$2
- Sisophon to Poipet 30 baht, US$1,4
- Sisophon to Phnom Penh 250 baht, US$8,5
- Sisophon to Samrong 100 baht, US$3,5
- These rates should be the same inreverse. 
- Motorcycle Touring Info
- As for your motorcycletour, the road from Sisophon to Siem Reap is a terrible bomb - cratered road that you will need to go slowly on, unless you are a moto - cross maniac. The road from Sisophon to Battambang is fairly decentin certain stretches, not so nice in others, but definitely the better one of the two roads. The Sisophon to Poipet stretch has some pretty fair stretches for a motor cycle, with other stretches having some humps in the road that are big enough to make any roller - coaster operato renvious.

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