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100Guest Name: Mr. PRIYA GURJAR
Country: United States
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Travel Date: 18/12/1918
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Book Choice: Apsara Theatre Show


If one is looking for a tourist destination which is unspoilt then head for the Phnom Kdoung, Battambang. Often rated among the best and popular tourist attractions in Battambang, the Phnom Kdoung has boosted the tourism in the second largest city of Cambodia.

How to get to Phnom Kdoung, Battambang

Phnom Kdoung in Battambang is merely 14 kilometers from the provincial town. Located at Kdoung Village at Banann District, the Phnom Kdoung also known as the Ship Sail Mountain has become increasingly popular among the domestic and international travelers at the city. 

One can either avail a tour package which includes the Phnom Kdoung, Battambang in its itinerary or personally book a taxi or jeep to trek down the village of Kdoung to view the Phnom Kdoung. 

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