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103Guest Name: Mr. ab ddd
Country: Cambodia
City: Phnom Penh
Number of Person:
Travel Date: undefined
(23:30 - departure)
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Book Choice: Bus Tickets From Siem Reap

My brother and I are both living in Siem Reap. I have been living here for 4 years and my brother came here last year to continue his high school studies. We are both living in our relative's guesthouse that is called Jasmine Lodge. We are both working there.

I started working there since I arrived in Siem Reap. I have done a lot work such as being a waiter, a motor taxi driver, receptionist and duty manager as well. In 2006 I was sponsored to the good tourism and hotel school in Siem Reap for one year by an Australian man called Bob. I have gained so much knowledge from that one year in Hotel school about the hotel management business. I have also worked in some big hotels in Siem Reap as well.

I have changed many jobs because I wanted to make some new experience for myself. I only graduated in the secondary school degree so this is the only way for me to get myself familiar with all the work in real life.

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