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Guest Name: Mr. Sath Chap
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Travel Date: 03/08/21
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Where to stay in  Kampong Speu

Kirirom Hillside Resort Hotel, Kampong Speu boasts of 7 different choices of accommodation and they include Camping Kirirom Hillside Resort Hotel, Kirirom Hillside Resort Hotel Kampong Speu Superior Wagon family, Standard Bungalow, Deluxe Hill View Bungalow, Village and Executive Suite. The hotel offers excellent dining options and provides its guests with a wide selection of Chinese, Western, Thai and traditional Khmer cuisines. The hotel has a well-equipped conference rooms and banquet halls which serve as the ideal venue for the special occasions. The prices differ from US$42-160.

Tourists will not only find Hotels in Kampong Speu in the centre of the main city of the province, but there are few options of accommodations, that are situated in the suburb. The transportation system of the city is pretty convenient and you can easily reach the destination of your choice irrespective of where you are residing in the centre of the city or in the suburbs. The Hotels of Kampong Speu are of various categories that will suit both, your taste and budget. Most of them are guesthouses used to local clients, as there isn?t such a big influx of tourists.

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