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Guest Name: Ms. test la
Country: Philippines
City: Phnom Penh
Number of Person: Pax(s)
Travel Date: 30/12/20
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Pick Up Services: Yes
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Book Choice: Angkor Balloon Flying

Phnom Rabbat is a cultural and natural site located in An Doung Chhey district, Andoung Chhey commune, Rolear Paear, about 12 kilometers south of Kampong Chnnang provincial town.The site is features small, beatiful mountains and abundant fresh air. There is a footprint of the hermit Ta Prohm and a pagoda on the mountaintop, where Cambodians gather during festival days. The stone of Phnom Roabbat is very good fir sgarpening knives. The spot is related to the Ta Preng legend in Cambodian folklore.

Phnom Roap Bat, Kampong Chhnang is one of the best and finest of the natural resorts of the Kampong Chhnang province in the beautiful and historical country of Cambodia. Phnom Roap Bat, Kampong Chhnang is one of the top-most Tourist Attractions in Kampong Chhnang, attracting huge crowds to the place.The Phnom Roap Bat is a wonderful and stylish cultural and natural resort located in Andong Chrey village in the Andong Snay commune at Rolea Phaear District. The Phnom Roap Bat, Kampong Chhnang lies at a distance about 103 kilometers from Phnom Penh by the National Road No. 5.The Phnom Roap Bat, Kampong Chhnang has been liked by the local people as well as the foreigners because of the presence of small mountains, natural beauty and fresh air for which the place is so well-known.

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