Lak Pok Bras Waterfall

The Lak Pok Bras Waterfall is located in Romanea Commune, Sen Monorom District; 13 km from the provincial town. It can be reached by path. There are more than 569 families living in the Lak Pok Bras area, whose main occupations are farming.

During the rainy season, the waterfall is 8 meters in height and 39 meters in diameter. During the dry season, the waterfall is 10 meters in height and 20 meters in diameter. At its base, there is a big water reservoir in which tourists can swim happily. Besides, there are many big trees providing cool shade for them. Its main points of interest are a spectacular waterfall, dramatic mountainous forest, impressive undulating hills, and fresh air.

It's presents eye catching natural beauty, with the waterfall surrounded by forest and mountain. This natural wonder picturesque were hidden its charm under the huge trees giving the shade in which visitors can enjoy a picnic lunch and swimming in the open areas of the clear water basin then flowering along channel.

Next to Lak Pok Bras waterfall is the home indigenous ethnic group people living for centuries and remains a center for cultural diversity in this region. These minority such as Phnong, Stieng, Kuoy, Tum Poun and Charay people continue to depend on the natural resources of Mondulkiri province for their survival.

Lak Pok Bras Waterfall
Lak Pok Bras Waterfall
Lak Pok Bras Waterfall
Lak Pok Bras Waterfall

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