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100Guest Name: Mr. PRIYA GURJAR
Country: United States
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Travel Date: 18/12/1918
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Book Choice: Apsara Theatre Show


Three prasats in a severe state of ruin with some come carvings still visible. Kutisvara is historically significant in that it was mentioned in an inscription in connection with the 9th century during the reign of Jayavarman II, the founder of the Angkor Empire. This is one of the earliest reference to an Angkor area temple. The central tower displays Preah Ko style.

The outer towers are in Pre Rup style. Not many tourists visit this temple and some of the drivers don't know it. Just point it out on the map. It's a bit off the main road back amongst some rice paddies. During the wet season when the paddies are full, motos can't get all the way to the temple, requiring a short but potentially wet walk from the road to the temple.

Kutisvara Temple is a small, rather difficult to find brick temple in Angkor. It is a place that serious Angkor enthusiasts would give time to visit. Kutisvara consists of three very dilapidated towers, arranged from north to south. They are half buried, making them quite difficult to find. I was determined to visit Kutisvara, so I told my tuk tuk driver Mr Han to slow down his vehicle as I scanned the space on the opposite side of the road from Banteay Kdei. By chance I found this ruin which I believe is Kutisvara, as there are no other ruins along this stretch that "fits the bill".