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Guest Name: Mr. Sath Chap
Country: United States
City: Holyoke
Number of Person: Pax(s)
Travel Date: 03/08/21
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Full Day       Siem Reap
Tour Code: CAT-T03
Tour Price: US$
Tour Category: Cambodia Trekking Tours

Tour Summary

Experience with Cambodia Hiking The unique experience in Siem Reap.

Deeply in the jungle, visit of Kbal Spean the is highly recommand. The only way to reach the top is to hike on a trail, your efforts will be rewarded with a sight of riverbed sculptures, thousand of lingas and peacful of forest sitting with forest.

Koh Ker was the former capital of the King Jayavarman IV, reigned 928AD, when he moved the capital from Angkor to Koh Ker


Day 1: Kbal Spean and Bateay Srei Temple

After breakfast at your hotel, we travel to Kbal Spean is an ancient Angkor ruin that is a 90-minute bumpy ride from Siem Reap, on the same route to Banteay Srei. The tarred road ends at Banteay Srei, after which the roads become either very muddy or very dusty, depending on the time of the year. Upon your arrival at the foothills, get ready for another 45 minutes of moderately easy uphill climb. All this for the sake of viewing the carvings of lingas on the riverbed of the Siem Reap River, making it a "river of 1000 lingas". The belief is that the lingas "fertilize" the water that feed the East Baray and irrigates the rice fields. 

After lunch at local restaurant, we continue to visit Banteay Srei was first rediscovered it was thought to date back to the 13th or 14th century due to its refined carvings. However, inscriptions later found at the site place its consecration very precisely on 22nd of April, 967 A.D. It is the only major temple not to be built by a King. The construction is attributed to Yajnavaraha, a courtier and King’s counsellor. The temple was expanded and further built upon in later years and remained in use until at least the 14th century. Overnight in Siem Reap

Day 2: Koh Ker and Roulos Group 

Today, after the breakfast time, we will enjoy a walking path of 10km to visit the temples in Koh Ker complex. . Angkor period refers to the period from the year 800 when the first capital was settled in Rolous Groups and lasted in the year 1,432. The capital in Koh Ker remained for 20 years before it has been moved back to Angkor area and was settled at Phnom Bakheng where people climbed for the sunset. Visit the temples in the complex including the Pyramid style Prasat Thom, Prasat Chen, Prasat Kraham, Prasat Damrei, Prasat Neang Kmau and Rohal. Finally, return to hotel and end the Siemreap trekking tour. 

Overall Rating
5.0 / 5
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Very Good

KHEN KHAMANA Oct, 12 2018

Our two day- one night trip trekking was one of the absolute highlights of our trip in Siem Reap.
The organization was very professional (Good transportation, nice guides) and the trekking included diverse sights, nice campsites and a visit to some local minorities.

Australia - 2 years ago

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