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Guest Name: Mr. Vanni Cagnotto
Country: Italy
City: Torino
Number of Person: 2
Travel Date: 22/04/19
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Pick Up Services:
Arrival By: Air
Take Tour By: Car
Book Choice: 7-Days Beauty of Cambodia


      Siem Reap
Tour Code: BAT-001
Tour Price: US$15
Tour Category: Boat Adventure Tours

- Pick you up at the place you stay around 3 PM
- Continue to Chong Kneas Floating Village
- Come back to the hotel or city


Our driver will go to pick you at the place you stay at 3.30 PM and continue trip to Chong Kneas Floating Village then choosing the Best Boat for you and spend time over the lack untill Sun Set ..  we will bring you back to the hotel or city and finish tour

Tonle Sap is Southeast Asia’s largest freshwater lake, providing livelihoods for over 10% of Cambodia’s population. Its water level varies considerably and the inhabitants of six of the seven villages at Chong Kneas live in houseboats that need to be moved with the changing levels. As with other fishing communities in the flooded area of the Tonle Sap, the way of life for the 5,000 or so inhabitants is strongly tied to the seasonal rise and fall of water. In the dry season, the floating villages anchor in a small inlet at the edge of the lake, where there is ready access to fishing grounds and some protection from storms and waves.

Chong Kneas is the floating village at the edge of the lake closest and most accessible to Siem Reap. If you want a relatively quick and easy look at the Tonle Sap, boat tours of Chong Khneas are available, departing from the Chong Khneas boat docks all day long. The boatman will probably point out the differing Khmer and Vietnamese floating households and the floating markets, clinics, schools and other boatloads of tourists.

Chong Khneas, while interesting, is over-touristed and is not as picturesque and 'unspoiled' as floating villages further from Siem Reap. The boat trip usually includes two stops: one at a touristy floating 'fish and bird exhibition' with a souvenir and snack shop, and the other at the very highly recommended Gecko Environment Centre, which offers displays and information introducing the ecology and biodiversity of the lake area.

For the residents of the floating villages of Chong Kneas, life on the water is not a cultural tradition that people cherish and wish to preserve. When the villagers were consulted about their living conditions, they said that they would prefer to live on the land and have access to clean water and sanitation as well as have their children go to proper schools instead of the poorly maintained floating school...

Tour to Chong Kneas Floating Village
1 Day Tour by  Tuk Tuk with Professional Driver

Price is Total Cost USD Per person

Transfer with
Tuk Tuk
(Max. 4 Person)

Transfer with Car
(Max. 4 Person)

Transfer with Mini Van or Bus
(Over 4 Person)

1 person

30/ 1 Pax

45/ 1 Pax

55/ 1 Pax

2 Person

20/ 1 Pax

35/ 1 Pax

45/ 1 Pax

3 or 4 Person

15/ 1 Pax

25/ 1 Pax

35/ 1 Pax

  5 to 10 Person


15/ 1 Pax

From 10 Person

On Request



>> Price Included:

- Welcome Drinks and cool towel during the Trip
- All taxed included in the Price
- Transfer from the Place you stay to Chong Kneas Flaoting Village
- Transfer from the Place you stay from Chong Kneas Flaoting Village to your place or city
- Ticket of Floating Village Private Boat is included in the Price

>> Price Excluding:

- Dinner
- Tour Guide and Driver’s Tips
- Personal Spending

Chong Kneas Floating Villages, Cambodia

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