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Guest Name: Mr. Baile
Country: Cambodia
City: Phnom Penh
Number of Person: 2 Pax(s)
Travel Date: 26/09/22
( - departure)
Pick Up Services: Yes
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Book Choice: Night Bus from Siem Reap


Easy Tour is a 1 hour driving in the country side, through the village. Enjoy the magnificent view of the country side.

Bakong Village is field with really nice and friendly people, during the tour you will have a stop at local shop for a drink. Very nice tradition Khmer style village, who kids run outside to cheers at you with a big smile, see how Cambodian people really live.

This tour can be for all ages, had single people who had great fun with the guide, couples, parents, and kids... All came away with a big smile.


Our off road Baray tour is one of our most popular. Its simply a couple of hours of solid off road fun.

Our guides work with our clients to find the perfect pace for each. Whether your a young off road enthusiast or a family looking for a fun day out in the country. This is one that suits everyone.

With great scenery and dirt tracks varying from perfectly smooth to quite the opposite this tour is the perfect way to spend a few hours taking in some of Siem reaps attractions. With a little bit of history, a short stop at the Siem Reap Silk farm and endless dirt tracks. Welcome to Cambodia!!!!!


Tonle Sap (4 Hours)

Our half day tour not only shows you some beautiful scenery on the way to the great Tonle Sap lake but also includes a boat trip to the famous floating villages where you will stop at one of the fish and crocodile farms. Then back on the tracks to finish your half day tour the way you started it......... getting dirty off roading.

This journey takes you through breath taking rice paddy fields with some great photo opportunities.

A great way to spend a morning or afternoon.


1.  Phnom Kulen Mountains and Waterfalls

Kulen mountain is our personal favorite full day tour. It consists of 6 hours of great off road fun and 2 hours exploring the mountain.

Most moto's and cars have trouble reaching the top of the mountain range and the tuk-tuk's do not even dare drive up but our buggy's make easy work of these washed out tracks.

Once at the top there is a beautiful pagoda and temple to visit and then the piece de resistance..... Two magnificent waterfalls for you to swim and cool down in. The fresh moutain sping water is perfect to relax in after off roading in the Cambodian sun. Then its back to the buggy's for yet more adventure as you return to Siem Reap town with some great photo's, a good tan and of course a great big smile.

  2.  Prasat Boeng Mealea

This full day adventure tour takes you through the heart of the Cambodia countryside through rice fields and out of the way villages. See how the real Cambodians live from day to day.

Beng Mealea Temple stand's about 80km from the town center and its all off road fun.

This Temple has been reclaimed by the jungle over centuries of neglect and has reached a point of no return as the roots are now one of the few things holding this beautiful temple together.

After a couple of hours exploring this stunning temple its time to go play on the dirt tracks and take in more of rural Cambodias scenery then finally returning back into Siem Reap.

3. Kbal Spean

The trip to Kbal Spean consists of 6 hours off road driving with 2 hours exploring, eating and relaxing in the middle.

A perfect chance to get away from the town through the small rural villages and the vast rice fields on winding roads with a variety of different terrains.

Stopping for lunch at the base of the hill to eat traditional khmer dishes. Then on foot head up to the stream to view the under water carvings (1000 Lingas) predating Angkor Wat making it the most ancient site in the region.

once you have taken in all the sights the area has to offer its time to get back in the buggy for 3 more hours of amazing views and twisty sandy tracks arriving back in Siem Reap town.

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